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Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:
Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:
Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:
Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:
Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:
Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:
Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:
Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:
Signed and Numbered Canvas Print:

    Signed and Numbered Canvas Print: "Pixie Dust" by Rick Merriman - Limited Edition

    $99.99 $172.21

      16” X 20” Signed and number canvas print by Rick Merriman

      LOOKBOOK - "Pixie Dust" - Limited Edition

      About the Art:

      “Pixie Dust” comes from Rick’s Mernac Fairies Collection and is based on The Legends of Mernac short stories. According to Rick, “She is actually a Fairy by the name of Airianna Glowstar and is much older than she looks. In most of the stories, she is about 200-years old and is known to be mischievous and simply refuses to grow up. She can easily get into trouble because she has the ability to change her size, anywhere from the size of an insect to that of a full-grown human woman. But no matter what trouble she finds, she always makes it right because she has a loving heart an internal drive to do what is 'good'."

      Rick further explained his inspiration for the art: “I wanted to show her in rich saturation with a touch of darkness to show her sprinkling “Pixie Dust.” Pixies Dust of Fairy Dust is paramount in most lore of fairies. It is where they get their magic from and is used on their wings so they can fly. I wanted to capture that in a fun, visually appealing way. So I hope people enjoy it.”


      Exclusively sold at PrettyMystical.com - Limited run of 100

      Pricing is likely to increase and no rainchecks are available as the asking price and art value is likely to increase as the number sold increases.

      About the Artist:

      Rick Merriman is a fantasy writer and digital artist living in South Florida. He has been creating stories and art about fairies and other fantasy themes for over 20 years. Rick is originally from Sydney, Australia.


      About the Print:

      “Pixie Dust” is a museum-quality print made on thick and durable canvas, sure to brighten up any room.

      • Acid-free, PH neutral, poly-cotton base
      • 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470 g/m²
      • Mounting brackets included
      • Hand-glued solid wood stretcher bars
      • Printed on textured and fade-resistant canvas (OBA-Free)
      • 1.5" deep
      • 16" X 20"


      About the Provenance

      Only 100 16" X 20" canvas print will be produced and sold. Each canvas print will be digitally signed and numbered. Each print purchased will receive a numbered certificate of authenticity that matches the number of the print sold. The certificate of authenticity will be hand-signed by the artist: Rick Merriman


      About the Shipping:

      All shipping and handling fees are included in the PrettyMystical $5.00 flat fee policy for any product shipped to the United States. The prints and the certificates of authenticity will ship separately. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the delivery of the prints and 2-4 weeks for the delivery of the hand-signed certificates of authenticity. Shipping to other locations is possible, however some shipping charges may apply depending on the location. If you want the product shipped outside the USA please contact sales@prettymystical.com. 


      About the Intended Use:

      The intention for this canvas art piece is for it to be placed in a frame of the purchaser’s personal taste (not included) and displayed for their enjoyment. This Gallery-wrapped art piece is also suitable to be hung without any frame. Purchaser owns no rights or ownership to the artwork with the exception of displaying the purchased print in a place of their choosing. Purchaser may not make any kind of copies of the print, or the art in the print, distribute it in any manner, or sell any more than the copy/copies originally purchased from PrettyMystical. The exception to distribution this is small digital photographs or less than 1MB for personal use and for use in social media…. Now the legalese is out of the way, the intended use is for you to enjoy the art with your friends and family.


      Note: All promo pictures shown are for display, and marketing, purposes only. Any purchase does not include items shown in the promo images. The product is a signed and numbered canvas print of artwork shown. It does not include the frame, or any other item shown in promo images.






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