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Flowers From the Grave  - Dark Prints & Posters
Flowers From the Grave  - Dark Prints & Posters
Flowers From the Grave  - Dark Prints & Posters
Flowers From the Grave  - Dark Prints & Posters
Flowers From the Grave  - Dark Prints & Posters

    Flowers From the Grave - Dark Prints & Posters


      A Perfect Christmas Gift or any occasion - Art Contest Entry

      Flowers From the Grave - Original art by deathbycanon


      .: 175 gsm fine art paper
      .: For indoor use
      .: Multiple sizes - original size 16"X20" (Artist's Choice)

      About the Art:

      Two weeks ago I got sick, I woke up with a sore throat and by that night I had fevers, muscle, joint, and chest pain. I knew what it was that I was sick with, even though we had been very careful, I still lived in the same house as a person with Covid19. I was scared. Not of the Covid, but of the sleeping beast that lives inside me. Because while most of you are living a new normal, I'm living life as usual. Confined to my house, quarniteneing against sick family members, hiding from the beast, that's been my life for the last 12 years. When the beast moved in and took up residence back then it filled up every organ in my body, and nearly killed me. To this day any x-ray, MRI, or any other internal imaging process of my inner workings will show you the scars of that battle. Only they aren't just all scars.... doctors say that some of them, are the beast itself. Sleeping. Waiting for when I get sick enough to wake up again..... Two weeks ago I got sick, and these are the types of images that haunt me....EVERY time I get sick. Because one of these times the beast will hear, and it will come knocking. 

      About the Artist:

      Artist Name: deathbycanon

      deathbycanon aka Deanna Cathcart is a retired professional portrait photographer and long time photoshop artist. She took up Daz Studio in 2017 joining with the Sympatico Studio promotional team in 2018. She continues to work with Sympatico as well as doing freelance artwork. You can find her on pretty much any art/image sharing site as deathbycanon. Deanna is from the Midwestern United States

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      About the Art Contest:
      Renderosity and PrettyMysical are sponsoring a Fantasy Art Contest ending 11/15/20 to promote Fantasy Art and provide a way for artists to earn an income from their talent. The Grand Prize winner ($1,000.00) will be selected by the art that receives the most Facebook likes by 11/15/20. There are also many runner-up Prizes

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