Forest Gossip - Streched Canvas Print

    Forest Gossip - Streched Canvas Print


      About the Art & The $500.00 "Name this Fairy Contest":

      ---------------Contest Details---------------------------------------------

      “Forest Gossip” comes from Rick’s Mernac Fairies Collection and is based on The Legends of Mernac short stories. According to Rick, "She is a pretty little Fae having her daily chat with her friend a dragonfly about the local news in the forest they live in." But Rick never gave the Fairy a name! He is about to write a new fae story and needs to name her.

      So PrettyMystical is holding a contest to "Name the Fairy". The grand winner will be awarded $500.00 by a PayPal payment or check at the winner's preference. 5 runners-up can order any single apparel item from our Fairy Collection at no charge for the product or shipping OR Fairy Art Print (with the exception of Canvas prints) from our Fairy Art collection.

      To Enter:

      1) Go to the PrettyMystical FB page and click the "Forest Fae - Name this Fairy for $500.00" Post.
      2) Comment and put in the name you think she should be called (and tag as many friends as you want)
      3) Share the post on your timeline.

      That's it. No purchase or anything else required. The contest runs through Mightnight 10/31/20 PST and winners will be announced early November.
      The grand prize winner will be the comment with Fairy name in the post that receives the most reactions (Likes/loves, Etc) The 5 runners-up will be selected by the Artist, Rick Merriman.

      Silly but needed Rules:

      • You may promote (ask friends to like your name) any way you see fit that completely falls within Facebook terms of use AND does not create any fake or spam likes.
      • You must have shared to post to be a winner.
      • You may enter as many times as you like.
      • You are allowed to like your own name.
      • You are allowed to reply to your own comment as many times as you like and tag as many people as you want in those replies.
      • Only actual likes to your original comment (the one with the Fairy Name) shall be counted toward becoming the grand prize winner.
      • You must be nice and courteous to all other entries and any people who comment or reply on the Pretty Mystical FB Page (That is, Do the Fairy thing and be nice to everyone or you may be disqualified).
      • People who use tricky, nasty, questionable, unfair, programmy, robotty, or use any "unfairy" practices to get likes may be disqualified at PrettyMystical's sole discretion.

      Airianna Glowstar, Fiona Flutterby, Sara Dragonmist, Princess Volusia, and Scamp are already names of Fairies in the Mernac Fairies stories and may not be be used.

      Please view all our Fairy Art

      About this Canvas Print:

      Exclusively sold at

      About the Artist:
      Rick Merriman is a fantasy writer and digital artist living in South Florida. He has been creating stories and art about fairies and other fantasy themes for over 20 years. Rick is originally from Sydney, Australia.

      About the Print:
      “Forest Gossip” is a museum-quality print made on thick and durable canvas, sure to brighten up any room.

      • Acid-free, PH neutral, poly-cotton base
      • 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470 g/m²
      • Mounting brackets included
      • Hand-glued solid wood stretcher bars
      • Printed on textured and fade-resistant canvas (OBA-Free)
      • 1.5" deep
      • 16" X 16"

      About the Shipping:
      All shipping and handling fees are included in the PrettyMystical $5.00 flat-fee policy for any product shipped to the United States. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the delivery of the canvas print. Shipping to other locations is possible, however some shipping charges may apply depending on the location. If you want the product shipped outside the USA please contact

      About the Intended Use:

      The intention for this canvas art piece is for it to be placed in a frame of the purchaser’s personal taste (not included) and displayed for their enjoyment. This Gallery-wrapped art piece is also suitable to be hung without any frame.

      Note: All promo pictures shown are for display, and marketing, purposes only. Any purchase does not include items shown in the promo images. It is stretched over wooden stretcher bars and can be hung as-is. It does not include any additional finish frame or any other item shown in promo images.


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