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Grim and Gothic - Dark Art Prints & Posters
Grim and Gothic - Dark Art Prints & Posters
Grim and Gothic - Dark Art Prints & Posters
Grim and Gothic - Dark Art Prints & Posters
Grim and Gothic - Dark Art Prints & Posters

    Grim and Gothic - Dark Art Prints & Posters


      A Perfect Christmas Gift or any occasion - Art Contest Entry

      Grim and Gothic - Original art by Napalm Arsenal  

      .: 175 gsm fine art paper
      .: For indoor use
      .: Multiple sizes - original size 16"X20" (Artist's Choice)

      About the Art:

      This features my pose preset for the HiveWire 3D house cat Grimalkin which is based off of the H.P. Lovecraft novel the Cats of Ulthar. Grimalkin also has a brother Catula and they are sort of based off of the idea of vampire cats. 

      It is said that in Ulthar, which lies beyond the river Skai, no man may kill a cat; and this I can verily believe as I gaze upon him who sitteth purring before the fire. For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroë and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten

      About the Artist:
      Artist Name: Napalm Arsenal (AKA Lisa Herron)

      I'm a mixed media artist who combines 3D images with 2D backgrounds and effects from Photoshop through composting, but I do on occasion do straight 3D renders.Feel free to check out my galleries at deviant art https://www.deviantart.com/napalmarsenal HiveWire 3D https://community.hivewire3d.com/media/albums/neato-stuff.1/ and Daz3D https://www.daz3d.com/gallery/#users/112769/ I have worked for the past four years as a contributing artist with HiveWire 3D as a 3D texture artist doing textures for Lisa's Botanicals . However, I do like to dabble in doing some character morphs for several of the HiveWire 3D flagship figures. Probably the most recognized is Catula (cat dracula) for the HiveWire House Cat.

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      About the Art Contest:
      Renderosity and PrettyMysical are sponsoring a Fantasy Art Contest ending 11/15/20 to promote Fantasy Art and provide a way for artists to earn an income from their talent. The Grand Prize winner ($1,000.00) will be selected by the art that receives the most Facebook likes by 11/15/20. There are also many runner-up Prizes

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